Parents’ Book Club

Are you tired of reading children’s books?
Are you totally over binge-watching shows and movies?
Have you been meaning to pick up a book?
Whether you need a new hobby or want to go back to reading books.
We have the perfect solution for you.

Come join like-minded parents and read books, get together virtually and talk about them.

Register here:

“MRSPTA Parents Book Club” is a FREE club for all Millstone Parents.

This Club targets at offering parents a chance to connect with other like-minded parents and enjoy reading.

Books Source: A variety of online book reading resources shall be shared with the registered members to choose from, they can also purchase books if they wish.

Genre’ of Books and Procedure: The registered members to meet up virtually and decide on the books they plan to read and how often they want to meet to discuss etc.

Questions: Please contact Veena Pai at