Time Travel Write-up Showcase

MRSPTA Presents Book Fair Fun

1. Students to submit a write up of about 100 words on any of the below topics:
– Where would you want to travel to in a TIME MACHINE and why?
– A Summary/ Synopsis of any Travel book that you have read & enjoyed
– A Short write up about any of your travels that you have enjoyed.

2. All of these write-ups to be shared by the PTA on the MRSPTA media (Website, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.)

3. A Raffle drawing to be held after the book fair gets over, to declare 1 winner from each grade. All the students that submit their write-up qualify to be entered into that raffle.

4. Each raffle winner shall win one book.

Last date for submissions October 31st, 2020.

Email the Write Up to millstonepta@gmail.com